Early thoughts on regulating generative AI like ChatGPT

Early thoughts on regulating generative AI like ChatGPT

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Today, a new revolution is taking place—bridging the divide between human creativity and machine computation. Connect and share knowledge within a single location that is structured and easy to search. Companies such as enterprise tech firm Conversica are exploring how they can use the tech through Microsoft’s Azure cloud service at its currently discounted price. “We are actually doing a training right now for the version two of Bloom and it’s gonna cost no more than $10 million to retrain,” Delangue said. And at 65 billion parameters, it’s smaller than the current GPT models at OpenAI, like ChatGPT-3, which has 175 billion parameters. But it fumbled in its launch launch and demonstration of Bard and has fallen behind in search engine integration.

X Challenger Pebble Thinks AI-Generated Posts Can Help Lure … – WIRED

X Challenger Pebble Thinks AI-Generated Posts Can Help Lure ….

Posted: Mon, 18 Sep 2023 13:00:00 GMT [source]

But if the margin for AI applications is permanently smaller than previous software-as-a-service margins, because of the high cost of computing, it could put a damper on the current boom. Compounding the predicament was that Walton also discovered content marketers were using AI Dungeon to generate promotional copy, a use for AI Dungeon that his team never foresaw, but that ended up adding to the company’s AI bill. Both Google Bard and ChatGPT use a transformer-based AI architecture as part of a neural network that handles sequential data. While ChatGPT can manage up to six billion parameters, Bard tops out at 1.6 billion.

Risks in Generative AI and ChatGPT3

Generative AI pertains to algorithms that are designed to generate fresh content such as music, text, images, speech, code, or video. This technology is a component of deep learning, which is a branch of machine learning that intends to minimize the need for manually programming parameters for AI. Currently, generative AI is utilized by developers and researchers in several industries, such as advertising and marketing.

How to Tell if Your A.I. is Conscious – The New York Times

How to Tell if Your A.I. is Conscious.

Posted: Mon, 18 Sep 2023 09:00:42 GMT [source]

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The ChatGPT Hype Is Over — Now Watch How Google Will Kill ChatGPT.

These systems adapt to individual learning needs, assisting students in grasping complex concepts and improving their performance. Coding, an indispensable aspect of our digital world, hasn’t remained untouched by Generative AI. Although ChatGPT is a favored tool, several other AI applications have been developed for coding purposes. These platforms, such as GitHub Copilot, Alphacode, and CodeComplete, serve as coding assistants and can even produce code from text prompts. Codex, the driving force behind GitHub Copilot, can be tailored to an individual’s coding style, underscoring the personalization potential of Generative AI.

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is chatgpt generative ai

ChatGPT and generative AI could help in providing 24/7 customer service alongside offering personalized recommendations. Therefore, ChatGPT and generative AI could provide new milestones for improving customer experiences by delivering better service and instant responses. Most important of all, ChatGPT can also support organizations in evaluating Yakov Livshits customer feedback to learn how they feel about the products and services. Generative AI can help in creating product descriptions, promotional copies and social media content for marketing teams. The responses for ‘how ChatGPT could change the future of work‘ on an organizational level would also highlight its role in analyzing customer feedback.

Putting ChatGPT to Work

Generative AI is artificial intelligence that creates content from simple prompts and context. This new technology can be used to create everything from essays to 3D objects and newer models can even combine more than one capability. Speaking generally, Google Bard looks good for text processing and summarization, whereas ChatGPT seems to perform better in chatbots, language translation, and answering questions. Some say that Google Bard brings with it a broader understanding of language, while ChatGPT brings a deeper understanding of language and how it is utilized in different contexts.

is chatgpt generative ai

As a generative AI model, ChatGPT composes its responses based upon statistical probability from the data on which it is trained. In that sense, ChatGPT is basically an autocomplete program, albeit a highly sophisticated one. What this means is that ChatGPT cannot differentiate what looks real from what is real. While it may be tempting to believe that you can simply offload work to generative AI, given the technology’s impressive performance, that would be a mistake. While integrating this technology, you should always retain “adult supervision” to make sure that the output meets the quality standards and brand image of your organization.

We need to translate the UN guiding principles into binding law, not just for AI, but for all technology. Tech companies have tried to stay ahead of regulation by attempting to self-regulate, for instance by writing and adopting principles or guidelines they would nominally hold themselves to. Under its AI principles, for instance, Google has said it would not release AI products whose purpose contravenes human rights. But expecting tech companies to follow their own principles puts too much trust in self-governance. AI is simply too powerful, and the consequences for rights are too severe, for companies to regulate themselves.

According to the TIME report, it was the responsibility of these workers to scan horrifying and sexually explicit Internet content to flag it for ChatGPT training. Let’s discuss the data that gets fed into ChatGPT first, and then take a look at the user-interaction phase of ChatGPT and natural language. It would be impossible to anticipate all the questions that would ever be asked, so there really is no way that ChatGPT could have been trained with a supervised model. Instead, ChatGPT uses non-supervised pre-training — and this is the game changer. Human trainers would have to go pretty far in anticipating all the inputs and outputs. Training could take a very long time and be limited in subject matter expertise.

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